Thursday, June 20, 2024

Converge partners with Caritas Manila for Segunda Mana donations in-kind program

Converge partners with Caritas Manila for Segunda Mana donations in-kind program

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Moving Forward to a Cleaner, Lighter 2024

Hikers and climbers can tell you that the number one rule in mountain climbing is to travel light. With less baggage to burden and slow you down, you can swiftly ascend the steep incline and hurdle through obstacles. In the same way, as we prepare to climb the mountain that is 2024 and conquer the cliffs and slopes along the route, we should adopt a ‘go light’ mindset, and leave behind the things that prevent us from moving up and forward.

More than 10 boxes of clothes, shoes, books, toys, and even household items were collected from Converge employees over a month when Segunda Mana boxes were deployed to three Converge offices.

In the spirit of figuratively and physically unburdening our loads, and at the same time, sharing our blessings with those in need, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is taking part in Caritas Manila’s Segunda Mana, the charitable organization’s far-reaching donations in-kind program.

Caritas Manila receives second-hand clothes, gadgets, furniture, and books which are sent to their Charity outlets to be sold and converted to cash. These benefit over 5000 voc/tech and college scholars nationwide and support the livelihood of over 300 micro-entrepreneurs and their families from the informal sector.

“At Converge, we are committed to creating a positive impact in the communities that we serve and this partnership with Caritas Manila supports that mission, especially for those who are most in need. We are thankful to Caritas Manila for allowing us to take part in their Segunda Mana donations in-kind program and evoke compassion and kindness among our ranks during this blessed season and as we prepare to welcome the new year,” said Converge Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations Jay-Anne Encarnado.

The spirit of charity was alive and well this season as Converge employees and their families donated pre-loved but usable items to Caritas Manila

If you still need convincing to participate in this benevolent cause, here are four reasons to declutter your home this New Year:

1. A cleaner space is good for your mental health

“Clearing the clutter in your physical space is similar to decluttering your mind. By simplifying our surroundings, we create space for clarity, peace, and focus. This process also allows us to contemplate what is truly important, what can be shared, and what must be let go of,” notes Ree Bringuelo, Converge Employee Health and Wellness Manager.

2. It encourages the spirit of giving within the family and community

“When the lockdown happened in 2020, there were several kind people who gave home-schooling books, toys, and clothes for my kids. These became a source of comfort for us

during a time of so much uncertainty. Now is my turn to pay it forward. I want to take this chance to teach my kids about the value of generosity and helping others.

At the same time, I hope my pre-loved items will give someone else the same joy it gave my family,” shared Assistant Vice President for Corporate Communications Karen Carvajal.

3. Decluttering contributes to living more simply and more intentionally

For those embracing a more intentional (or more values-oriented) mindset in 2024, there’s no better way to start this lifestyle than by purging our house of things that no longer serve their purpose in our lives. Living simply and intentionally also means making deliberate choices in our consumption habits so letting go of things that clutter our minds and spirits is the way to go.

4. It contributes to waste reduction

‘Recycling’ our items by way of donation is one concrete way we can contribute to a circular economy that reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By putting our pre-loved things into new hands, they’re given life anew and may serve the needs of a new generation.

Converge is greeting 2024 with renewed hope and optimism as it turned over more than 10 boxes full last December 28, consisting of clothes, books, toys, and household tools and items. This is the first batch of donations from the company as it kicks off the program.

“I’d like to thank the employees of Converge who took part in this charitable cause, embodying the value of charity and compassion for the under-resourced. With institutional partners like Converge, we can strengthen the reach of the Catholic Church to those in need and truly make a difference,” said Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual, Executive Director of Caritas Manila.