Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Best Time for Home Repairs is Now

The Best Time for Home Repairs is Now

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The hot summer months are here! Now is the best time for you to plan house repairs. Does your roof have a leak from last year that needs to be fixed, or do you need to replace broken doors? Or perhaps you want to repaint your entire house?

No matter what house repairs you need, it is important to plan everything. This means that you know the scope of repairs needed, have the funds you need for the project, and know who to work with. Here are some things to remember when planning for home repairs or improvements:

Assess and Identify Repairs
Identifying which repairs you need, and the materials required for them, are the first important elements to consider, as this will give you a rough idea of how much funding and time you’ll need. Depending on the scope of the repair, you might need to find a temporary place to stay too—you probably won’t need to move elsewhere if the only renovation needed is an exterior repaint, but you might consider it if extensive interior work will be done. Electrical or plumbing repairs might also interfere with daily life, so planning and assessment are vital before you commit to anything.

Get The Right People for the Job
Good planning must also be accompanied by good work—you need to contact the right people for the job. Find properly vetted contractors that can help you find the best tools and materials. Make sure to ask extensively about their experience. As much as possible, you would want the contractors’ specialties to line up with the renovation or repair that you have in mind. This won’t necessarily be the most affordable, and while cost is an important factor to consider, keep in mind that good repairs will last a long time and give you the most value for your hard-earned money.

Fund Your Repairs with the Right Partner
The best way to get funds for your repair and improvement needs without dipping into your personal savings is through a loan, such as EastWest Home Loan. There are many reasons why this is the way to go:

  • Get the funds you need—If you’re short on cash, an EastWest Home Loan can help you get the exact amount you need for your home repair.
  • Fixed-term rate options—Protect yourself from rate fluctuations by choosing your fixed term.
  • Light and easy repayments—Depending on the amount you loaned, EastWest allows you to stretch the repayment period for up to 30 years, making payments easier and more affordable.

Our families’ safety, security, and comfort start with a well-maintained home. Make sure that you have all you need to keep your house in tip-top shape by considering an EastWest Home Loan. Visit to learn more.