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Turning A Scare into Security: How Miles Ocampo Was Inspired To Make Her Best Decision Today

Turning A Scare into Security: How Miles Ocampo Was Inspired To Make Her Best Decision Today

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Miles Ocampo is used to fast and big changes. As a former child star, she has constantly reinvented herself and expanded her craft. This year alone, she has done a variety of projects, from an action-drama series, a rom-com movie, to a hosting stint on a noontime show. But for someone as adaptable as Miles, there are some things that she could not anticipate.

“I’ve been through a lot for the past few months, and it happened so fast to the point that I couldn’t keep up with the changes I had faced,” she said.

A rough patch

Last April, Miles shared that she recently had surgery to remove her thyroid gland.

Her health scare started with minor complaints. Miles recounted in her social media post that she did not feel like herself late last year. She remembers waking up in the middle of the night because she was having a hard time breathing, and getting frustrated that she was getting tired easily.

Just small and easily dismissed complaints of every other young adult who was out to prove herself to the world.

But when the complaints got worse, she had herself checked out. The results startled the young actress. She had papillary thyroid carcinoma, the most common form of thyroid cancer. She was quickly advised to have it treated, and she complied.

A month following her surgery, she posted her experience on social media as a reminder to take care of oneself for the sake of their loved ones. “I was reminded na no one should ever be complacent about what the future holds,” she said.

Realizations for the future

The incident led to an important epiphany for Miles.

She had always been committed to caring for her family, but she now knows she can even do more for them. Throughout her ordeal, her loved ones were at her side, giving her the support and love she needed. She now wanted to give back that love and support to them, no matter what happens in the future.

“Aside from myself, naisip ko na kailangan ko rin i-secure ‘yung pamilya ko para, knock-on-wood, kung anuman mangyaring challenges, ready kami. And the first thing that came to mind was getting life insurance for my family.”

Looking for the right partner

Miles is no stranger to getting life insurance.

“Growing up, I had to understand the complexities of life. So, ‘yung pagkuha ng insurance, ‘di na siya ganon ka-bago for me,” she explained. “But of course, if you’re going to do something like that, if you’re going to decide kung kanino ka ba magtitiwala, dapat dun ka sa sigurado. So I searched online, and this one stood out because of how customizable their policies are. It’s the EastWest Ageas Insurance”.

Miles then reached out to an EastWest Ageas financial expert to get herself assessed depending on her needs and what kind of protection she could get.

“Nag-book agad ako ng appointment with one of their financial advisors. The interview was quick and easy but so detailed. Their mission talaga is to provide you with a more worry-free future based on your needs and life. After a few days, I got an update from EastWest Ageas Insurance, and I believe I got what I need.”

Securing one future at a time

Miles’ goal was clear to her: secure her family’s future. And so, she started with her youngest brother. “It feels so good to finally provide an additional safety net para sa pamilya ko,” Miles expressed. And with EastWest Ageas’ help, she was able to secure a tailored solution for her needs.

“To give back na rin for all the support and love they have given me. Starting with my youngest brother, one life insurance at a time.”

Making a choice now

Miles stressed that it’s important to start now.

“It’s better to be late than never. Because for me, I had to go through a rough patch for me to understand and appreciate the value of life insurance.”

Life is full of uncertainties, but you have the choice to prepare for it. Just like Miles Ocampo, you can choose to secure your own and your loved ones’ better tomorrow, starting today.

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